How often are graphs normally updated?


I am new to openroute service and I just noticed the announcement about delays in the graphs. Totally understand.

My question is under normal conditions how long does it take for changes in OpenStreetMap that would affect routing to usually get visible and usable in openroute service? The types of changes I am actively making now (mainly for biking) include point locations in ways, new ways, way types (e.g. foot paths and cycle paths) changes to surface (e.g. asphalt), changes in width (e.g. 2 meters). I know you may not use all of this information. But the question is, about how long will it normally take for me to be able to use the updated information?


Hi @rjgambrel, each profile takes approximately 3-5 days to build, so when we get the servers stable again we should be able to deliver new graphs once a week as we will have a dedicated builder server for each profile. That said, we build from the osm planet pbf file, which I believe is built once a week in the early hours of Monday morning (UK time), and so when you make an edit it could take up to 12 days to appear (e.g. if you edit on Monday afternoon, that would then be included in the planet file the following monday, and then the servers need 3-5 days to build the graphs).


I understand you have to solve this problem.
So, today, what the last updated date of the current graph ? Could I see that on the map ?
When I search pedestrian directions, ORS include only few pedestrian crossing and it makes detours for pedestrian (or wheelchair) but not cycle. It’s OK directly with OSM (but whithout via point…). The apparently missing objects were updated 3 years ago.

Sorry for my bad english…

Thanks !