How do I allow routing through non public roads?


Some roads in my city are tagged as private or destination only even though in the real life it is publicly accessible by anyone except during the night.

I don’t want to mess with the current OSM by editing the roads myself, so is there an option in the ORS that would take into account these roads except when it is actually access=[no] since most of routing need to go through these roads?

I hosted ORS myself using Docker and currently using the default profile which is driving-car profile.

Thank you.

Well, problems should be solved at the source. If the roads are publicly accessible by anyone (except during the night), they should be tagged as publicly accessible (except during the night).

If OSM is correct, the routing will be correct for EVERYONE. If you invent some routing rule of your own in your own hosted ORS, you will have the “correct” routing, but everyone else will still calculate incorrect routings.

Solve the problem at the source. Correct tagging in OSM is what we all should be able to rely on :slightly_smiling_face:

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