How can I get bus stops like “Apartment search with ORS”?

Hello all,
I am a newcommer for OSM/ORS.

I could get bus stops using

I have got kindergartens, supermarkets and hairdressers along " apartment search with openrouteservice". ( I bypassed the “[0] issue”.)
However, I could not get bus stops with ORS.

How can I get bus stops with ORS?

bus_station: 587 / bus_stop: 588
are not effective.

Hi @milky_way_walker,

seems like every POI only is assigned one single child category:
if you try using plattform: 607 it might catch them.
Best check the osm objects of the missing bus stops and see what their tag-value-pairs are.

Also leave an issue in the openpoiservice repository if you want to see some improvements there.

Best regards


Hi amandus,
thanks for your feed back.

I can not find “607” on
openpoiservice/categories.yml at master · GIScience/openpoiservice · GitHub.
GitHub - GIScience/openrouteservice-docs: This repository stores the swagger specifications of the openrouteservice API. Browse to swagger for a detailed overview..

At first, I simply changed
categories_poi = {‘kindergarten’: [153],
‘supermarket’: [518],
‘hairdresser’: [395]}
categories_poi = {‘bus_station’: [587]}
categories_poi = {‘bus_stop’: [588]}.
However I could get no POIs.

This time, I put
categories_poi = {‘bus_stop’: [607]}
and I could get some POIs.

Meanwhile, some bus stops in the designated area on the map were ignored, yet.
I wonder some types of tag info might be used for “bus stop”.
node[“highway”=“bus_stop”], etc.

My understanding of OSM,ORS philosophy and history, etc. is quite limited and very foggy.
I will study them more.

thanks again.

But this is indeed not included in the GH pages.

In the openpoiservice bus_stop is somehow in the amenity parent category…
which does not seem like the right tagging.

You can request multiple categories at once though.
For more info take a look at the api documentation as well as the openrouteservice-py package which is used in the examples.

Best regards

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I will also dig in the map structure for the designated area.