How can I edit openstreetmap to make ORS drivetimes more accurate?

I’ve noticed how, for some roads, openrouteservice returns overly optimistic drivetimes. Here’s an example:…

This route is along a small single track road in Scotland. It is 37.3 miles, and ORS thinks it will take 43mins to drive. This is a problem unfortunately because the following more robust routing engines produce more realistic predictions:

  • Google maps - 55 mins
  • Bing maps - 57 mins
  • Tomtom online - 57 mins

The road is mostly single track with passing places.

When we look at a segment on openstreetmap

we can see the max speed has been set to 60mph, however this is misleading as it would be difficult to attain this speed in real life with passing places. Does ors account for it being a lanes = 1 highway? This means speeds will be a bit slower than a 2 lane road. A lot slower in fact!

Is there any other way to improve the accuracy of ors here? Accurate drivetimes are really important, and it’s a risk to reputation when they’re out by 33%. Thanks

Hi @johntdata,

i don’t think we currently account for lanes:1 but that’s a good argument for a lower effective speed, if it’s not a oneway.
Would you mind opening an issue for that?

Best regards