How can I add new height restriction for the route

Hi, I’m interested in using the OpenRouteService mostly because of the possibility to ask about the route including truck height criteria.
But as I did a simple test, not all restricted points seem to be marked on the map and route is not calculated corectly. Could you please advise me if this is possible to edit it to add bridges and any other heigh limitation points ? I’m going to use OSM and OpenRouteService hosted on my computer, so maybe I can add it locally ? Would it be possible?


Hi @Jan_G,

we use the official OSM data which takes a between 1 and 2 weeks before edits in OSM are respected in our routing.
If you have the OSM data locally and and edit it there you may be able to produce a valid pbf file, then a local ors backend can use this file to build graphs for you to have your edits earlier.

There is a plugin to do that for JOSM. I’ve never used it though.

I still would suggest, you feed your edits directly to OSM using the online editor or JOSM.
You only need an OSM account for that.

Hope that helps

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please also take note of:

Sounds great. Thank you very much @amandus

So, just to be sure. Once I add such restriction and you reload the OSM, I should be able to see such limitation in the calculated route, right ?

yes, if you specified your vehicle dimensions in the options for the hgv profile.

all of these tags are considered.

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Hi @amandus
Could you also advise me if I can find any information about releasing new routes on Openrouteservice ?


I’m unsure about what you mean by

I assume that you’re asking about what “version” of the OSM-data is currently used in the openrouteservice.

You can find that information in the metadata.engine.graph_date-field in any routing response.
Note, however, that the date currently reported is faulty. This is a known bug that will be fixed in the next release of the openrouteservice, so any version > 6.4.3 (which you can find in the metadata.engine.version-field).

Usually, we’re reloading OSM-data every week, so data that was included over 14 days ago should already be present in the openrouteservice. Search for updated or up-to-date in this forum for more information about that.

Best regards,

Thank you @jschnell. However I think that maybe I misunderstood something. This is the limitation I have added to the openstreetmaps (maxheight 4 Way: ‪Wejherowska‬ (‪634887442‬) | OpenStreetMap ) and seems that its not reflected in the route for transported height set to 5m . Could you please advice me what is left there to be added ?