How can i access the profile public-transport?


i set up my own selfhosted openrouteservice with the profile public-transport. How can i access this profile withe the ors-api. Can you give me an example request?

My steps to include this profile:

  1. Adjust the ors-config.yml
    activate profile

include profile

  1. docker-compose.yml
    add the gtfs data into the docker container


  2. docker-compose up --build -d

  3. check the status

Thanks for you help


once you’ve set it up like this, you should be able to point your browser to http://localhost:8082/ors/swagger-ui/index.html and check the documentation on what parameters are available.

Usage of the public transport endpoint follows usage of all other endpoints, though you might need a departure-parameter stating a departure time in ISO-format.

Best regards