Highways and exits

I’ve been creating my own routeplanner, and while doing so I’ve noticed two things that are possibly connected concerning highways and highway exits. This may only be happening in the Netherlands though, because it may also be caused by Openstreetmaps underlying data. Because I am not sure, I thought I’d try here. The following link demonstrates what I am talking about:
Demo route
the two things are:

  1. When the instruction is to take an exit from the highway, the instruction only says “keep right” (4th instruction). It would be more instructive if the fact that you have to take an exit would somehow be included, although I have no idea if that is actually possible.
  2. The second issue is that this route actually instructs you to take the exit, go straight on the roundabout, and then join the highway again. I’ve driven this bit on a daily basis, and it is faster to stay on the highway (even in traffic jams :wink: ). Possibly not shorter, but on the whole it would be better to stay on the highway. It confuses me a bit that the algorithm to calculate the route is taking this decision, but it might be due to wrong classification of the underlying road segments in Openstreetmap.

If somebody could shed some light on this, then that would be much appreciated (I don’t really need it fixed, it’s just something I noticed).

Thank you,