HGV coverage include Asean Country - Singapore?

Hi, impressed with the HGV routing capability of ORS.
However, the height limit doesn’t seems to be doing well as it intruded height limit of tunnel within the country.
May I confirm if Singapore within ORS routing coverage?

Thank you

Yes, Singapore is in our coverage. We’re worldwide.

Can you please paste your exact HTTP request here and make sure the tunnel you’re talking about has indeed a lower height than your parameters on https://openstreetmap.org?

Hi nils, thanks for your prompt response.

I have not written the HTTP request in code yet but tested on your map with HGV Setting height configured to 5m.

Please note on near south part of the route, it’s taking Marina Coastal Expressway - MCE.
Singapore’s rule prohibits any vehicle taller than 4.5m drives in tunnel.

Anyway I check on openstreetmap, it seems no such max height info included throughout the tunnel, even before entrance where the height limit sign located at.
Could it be the root cause for this?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yep, that explains it. Just add maxheight=4.5 to all roads with tunnel tags. If this is a universal rule, talk to your local OSM chapter about bulk edits, so they can add that tag to every tunnel.

Once it’s added it’ll take a few weeks to be live on our servers, we can’t do imports every week.