Help with openrouteservice via docker

Hi guys, newbie here and I really would like to know how to install osr with docker. I know that there are different guides but I’m stuck after the docker installation: no images and containers yet. I really would like to set up theese programs properly in order to work on vehicle routing problems and other stuff?
Thank you very much guys.

PS: I don’t know if this is off topic but I’ve read that osr can work with vroom: is it good to use it for routing optimization toghether with openrouteservice? How can I install it in a correct way with docker once I’ve installed openrouteservice?

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I could really use a step by step guide or Youtube video as well.

The documentation in the ORS Github repo should generally be enough (provided you learn docker(-compose) a little bit). If not, things could probably be improved in the documentation, but then you’ll have to give the exact pain points,

Vroom is here:

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Thanks but I’ve decided to go for OSR tools on Qgis because, if I’m not mistaken, it includes something about Vroom (sorry for my bad English). Anyway, I’ll open a New topic about osr tools usage because I need some help and explanations.