Hazmat option in hgv-routing

I tried to use the hazmat-routing-option.
Sadly it seems like it isn’t working.
I tried a few water-protection-areas. All of them seem not to be regarded while routing with hazmat=true.
Following one example:
a water-protection-area

the calculated route with openrouteservice while hazmat is true

If you turn hazmat on or off it is the same route directly through the water-protection-area.
May you help. Or can explain why I am getting this error?
Kind regards

Hi @EliasBA ,

openrouteservice can only take into account hazardous materials in routing when the roads themselves have a hazmat=no tag (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:hazmat) and it cannot currently determine this based on the road being geographically located within a relation feature.



Thank you for your quick response.
Is that something I should ask in the osm-community then?
To mark routes with hazmat:no if they are in a protected areas.
Similar to avoid-polygon feature already implemented in ORS.
Or is that something that should be a feature of ORS?