Have the good instruction in realtime in the navigation


Ma dernière question est basé sur l’envoi des instructions au bon moment, comment faire pour envoyer l’instruction pour que l’utilisateur puisse savoir quand il doit tourner à droite ou à gauche (basé sur l’API d’Open Route Service).

We have always the same message (instruction for all the trips after getting 3 instructions) :

From here to here, i get the same instruction

For example here i turn in the left and did not get another instruction or anything to say me before to turn left. The instruction is blocked from the 3rd instruction sent

How can we provide our users with real-time data to better guide them?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Aymane,

please provide the actual API request or reponse you are using to display these results.

Hello @amandus

We use this API : https://api.openrouteservice.org/v2/directions/cycling-electric/geojson

Thank for your help

That’s not the request, but the endpoinnt you are using.
If you can’t provide the actual request, it will be hard to help in this matter.