GPX Route - file too big for download

I have created a route consisting of about 20 waypoints including start and finish. When trying do download it in GPX format, I get an error message “file too big for download”.
I found a one year old post “how to export routes” linking to a API, but I don’t know how to use it. I refer to the following sentence:

The ORS API GPX contains the route points generated by the ORS API. In the case you want to download very large routes you can use directly the API Dashboard | ORS

Is there any tutorial available?


I assume you created this route on
Did you try both gpx export formats? If so, are you able to use the “standard” format?

If that is not possible, then you’d indeed have to try using the API directly.
To do so, you’ll have to create an account and then generate a new access token on the dashboard.

There’s multiple ways to use the API, as displayed by the Show example code code fragments in different languages in the playground, as well as the SDKs available (see the Tools section).

You can query the API via the browser using the Call Action-Button on any request entered.
When doing so on the gpx/post endpoint linked above, you’ll see the gpx response in the raw < > code tab in the API response section, which you can download by clicking on the untitled download botton in the top right of the API response section.

I assume you don’t want to recreate all the waypoints again by hand.
If you still have them open in the maps client, you can use your browsers Web developer tools to “extract” them.
The Web developer tools are accessible via “More tools” in Firefox.
You’ll find a network tab, and upon reloading your maps client page, you should see a line stating 200 as a status and POST as a method in the network tab.
This should be the request you’re looking for.
If you click on it, it’ll open details and you should find a “request” tab.
Toggle the then opening json to raw and copy that to the Body section in the API playground.

Note, that you’ll have to set your profile in the playground via the “path parameters” section, using which will clear the body section (as will clicking into any of the settings below).

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Hi Jakob,
Yes, I have tried both GPX export formats.
I will follow your proposal and create an account. Thanks for your instructions and hints.
If I face further problems with this topic I will post again.

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