Getting isochrone from polygone layer

Hi. I’m trying to find the travel distance from a lake to the surrounding area. Using a point is fine, but it creates a problem in that the lake isn’t a point, but rather a polygon.

Here’s a picture showing a lake in Oklahoma (outlined in red), and another picture showing the same lake, but with a point designating it. I ran an isochrone on it, and it just goes out from the point, like it’s supposed to, but I need it to generate an isochrone from the entire lake shore, not just one point on the shore.

Is this possible?

Here’s the lake outlined

Here’s just one point

Hi @gwfami2,

no this is not possible with our API and up until now i have never heard of somebody offering something similar.
I suggest you create a simple enclosing polygon and create a few isochrones for its outmost points and merge the results.
This won’t be exactly the same, but a good approximation.

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