Getting 403 error for some users

Some of my users are experiencing an error on the json request for directions with a return of 403: Service Provider Error: Forbidden.

It still works for me and I cannot understand why some are getting the error and others are not.

Since this is a potential CORS issue, have you done anything to the header etc lately that might have affected this?

I really doubt it… @adam did we change any CORS related stuff in the apache configs?

Is that the only thing the console logs @aesculus? What’s the request exactly for the failing instances, incl params?

Nothing changed with the apache/nginx stuff - over the last couple of days some things have been running on a new server, but that shouldn’t affect anything relating to access as it is just a different internal forwarding on our infrastructure. I can’t really say anything else though without knowing at least what profile and what endpoint is causing issues

I just modified something on the new server relating to Tomcat that might fix the problem if that was actually the issue in the first place (there was a Tomcat version mismatch between the new and the old server and it seems that between those versions Tomcat changed some default behaviour)

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Adam: You absolutely fixed it. Thank you so much. I spent three days trying to find work arounds and have a bit less hair than before.

You are my new hero. :grinning:

No worries - thanks for letting us know else it would have been something we likely wouldn’t have realised until later and then we would be the one with less hair… though to be honest I already have very little!

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