Get localities names from isochrone results


I sometimes use ORS for isochrone calculations as, in my job, I use to work with areas around a selected place (often a city) within a range of 20, 30 and 40 minutes in driving mode. I used with success the isochrone feature of ORS but I can’t manage a specific issue.

Isochrone returns several pairs of latitude/longitude coordinates. On the API playground, when I test it, we can see on the little map that the area is fully covered. But the resulting geodata is not sufficient for me as I need to have the list of cities covered by the different layers of isochrones. So, in python, I run the script with the reverse geocoding features with the many lat/lon coordinates returned by the Isochrone. I succeeded to get localities names returned by the JSON but impossible to get them all, the list of localities is never complete, when I try to recreate a map based on them, I always have missing cities.

As I live in France, I also used the reverse geocoding API proposed by the government but I meet the same issue, the number of localities returned is not sufficient.

Did someone manage to have the entire list of localities generated by an isochrone? The solution will help me in a further task.



this sounds like something that the overpass API, e.g. via Overpass Turbo.

It has a polygon filter and if you know what constitutes a “city” for you, that could work nicely.

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Thanks for your advice, I’ll check this solution. I hope I’ll be able to make it work.

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