Geocoding API - pbf2json 6


Are there plans to upgrade the hosted geocoding API to use pbf2json version 6.0.0?
The reason for that is to include relations in the results.
See issue:

For what I can see, this is currently not the case.


No, it’s not and geocoding generally is handled rather poorly lately. The one to blame is me as I never seem to find time to dig again properly. But with all the recent stuff going on in the Pelias repos, I definitely have it on my prio list mid-high;)

Even before I didn’t use pbf2json though, at least not explicitly. Is it a dependency of the OSM importer?

Thanks for your quick response @nils
Yes, pbf2json is the package that converts pbf files to json, for later importing it in ES.

Since I have you here, I was also wondering how often you update the geocoding planet file?
I played a bit with the api and found nodes/ways that had been deleted for weeks.