Geocoder on github?

Hello everybody and at first thank you a lot for the great project.

Maybe I missed a step, but I can’t get the geocoder functions working in my docker hosted environment.

Since 4.7 the old geocoder endpoints have been deprecated and new ones have been introduced. The new ones are available and working on the public API ( but not if I self-host a cloned version of the actual 5.0.2.
http://myhost:8080/geocode/search?query=myplace deliveres just an empty response and the old endpoints are still responding, but deliver an internal server error.

Will the opengeocoder be available as separate project on github?

It seems like no one is missing this functionality, so maybe I am just missing a step or piece of information.
Thank you very much for your help.



Here the shortcut:

We only deal with pure routing in the openrouteservice repository. Not with our geocoding, POIs, elevation or optimization APIs. Those are all separate projects and repositories.

Thanky ou very much for pointing me towards the right project.