geocode search results

This search seems super sensitive. For this address: 14 whitonia way martinsburg, wv 25404 it seems like it works only if I don’t include the city and zip code. And for the address 316 fontana cirlce, I can’t get that one to work accurately at all no matter what combination I use.

Can you help? I won’t be able to use this unless its more robust.



to me, it’s a bit unclear what you mean when you say “this search” - are you talking about responses from the /geocode/search, the /geocode/autocomplete or the /geocode/search/structured endpoint?

What do you mean by

Could you be a bit more specific, as in include the complete query you issued, the relevant part of the response you got and explain where it differed from what you expected?

Our geocoder is a Pelias instance running the data available as a parameter in sources in our API documentation.

Regarding the search and including post codes , have a look at this discussions in their repository and feel free to dig around in their issues as well.

I fear this could be a general issue to do with pelias :frowning:

Best regards