Free unlimited Europe Server with generous matrix settings

Hi all,

I thought that since the ORS instance for our research project is mostly idle, we would share it with the community. So you can spam it with your matrix and route requests without having to set up Europe yourself. Note that isochrones and elevation are disabled and that we chose settings to minimize RAM usage. The only purpose of this server for us is, to quickly compute large distance matrices across Europe.

Use at your own risk, I give no guarantees, I might revoke public access at any time, and so on, blablabla, here it is:

Map is Europe from Geofabrik, downloaded some days ago and this is the current config:

      ors.engine.source_file: /home/ors/files/europe-latest.osm.pbf
      ors.engine.graphs_root_path: /home/ors/graphs
      ors.engine.elevation.cache_path: /home/ors/elevation_cache
      ors.engine.elevation: false
      ors.engine.init_threads: 1
      ors.endpoints.isochrones.enabled: false
      ors.endpoints.matrix.enabled: true
      ors.endpoints.matrix.maximum_routes: 1000000   
      ors.endpoints.matrix.maximum_visited_nodes: 1000000 true false true false false fastest 10000
      ors.endpoints.matrix.maximum_search_radius: 10000
      ors.engine.graphs_data_access: MMAP 1000000000

The server was capable of computing a 1000 x 1000 fastest car distance matrix across random locations in Germany in under 9 minutes. You can split up larger matrices into multiple smaller requests by cutting the original matrix into rectangles. Please don’t do a lot of 1000 x 1000 requests at a time, that might crash it, it restarts automatically within a few minutes. There is no rate limit, you can spam simple routing requests however fast you feel like.

Best regards and have fun :slight_smile:


Thank you, @tobs40 , for providing your idle instance to the community. That’s super cool of you :heart:.
I’m sure the 1000x1000 limit is going to pull a couple of requests to your instance :stuck_out_tongue:.

I would be interested to know what your research is actually about, would you mind sharing this as well?

Hi @Jules,

Sure! We are reducing travel in sports (mostly amateur sports) in Europe. We do this by computing the optimal configuration for a given set of rules but also give advice on suitable rule changes. There is a surprisingly large potential for this, apparently sports unions never plotted their configurations on a map. It saves them time(!), money, and emissions - just by rearranging things, oftentimes within the same rules! Soon this will be a website where everybody can analyze and optimize their leagues, 100% open source :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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