Ferry routing Dublin-Holyhead

The route from Dublin to London (or elsewhere in the UK that is easiest via Holyhead) is going in wonky circuitous route. Even when Holyhead is specified as a waypoint, or a direct target.

Try out other modalities (pedestrian, other trucks) and it goes everywhere BUT through Holyhead.
Direct Dublin-Holyhead routes through Liverpool.

It should work, in reality the trucks are routinely ferried there.

Cf. Valhalla, built over the same dataset, which does it correctly.
https ://valhalla.openstreetmap.de/directions?profile=truck&wps=-6.2605593%2C53.3493795%2C-4.6312147%2C53.3073739
(space for workaround for the two-links-at-most-for-new-users.)

Also, is there a way to force ferry ports, please?


this is an issue we see often with ferry routing.
There are barrier=gate nodes on the ways accessing the ferry port, and the default handling for these (if no access tag is given) is to treat them as impassable - as they are to the general public, unless you have a valid ticket to the ferry.

One of these can be found here.

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Thanks! It’s clearer now.
Now the question is, is there some option to override this, to make the router assume the ferry ticket is bought?
For bonus points, is there a way to specify preferred ferry crossings? Quite important for logistics that goes across water…

Any chance to address this, please? Or is there an option in the API call that can bypass this?
The inaccessibility of routing through Holyhead ferry port is causing me trouble.