Fehlermeldung OverQueryLimit bei Isochronen-Erstellung

I get (QGIS 3.16) the error message: “OverQueryLimit” during isochrone creation…
What can I do?


that just means, that you either hit your minutely or daily quota.
This is a normal phenomenon and tells you the plugin will retry the request after some time.

Visit your openrouteservice dashboard and make sure you have the amount of quota left for the requests you are planning to make with the plugin.

If you hit your daily quota and the process can’t finish, you will loose the requests you did for this run.
So usually it’s best to split large amounts requests into several batches.

Best regards

Hi Amadeus,
thanks for answering… it war my first request… and I wasn’t patient enough.
It worked after waiting al litle time :slight_smile:

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