Feature request: midpoint calculator


I was using geomidpoint.com to figure out good central meeting points when meeting friends. Now that service has gone down as they cannot afford the price rise for the Google Maps API.

Please could you offer similar features here? The “center of gravity” calculation was particularly useful as it could weight the midpoint based on the locations of all the people meeting so that everyone travelled the minimum of time, rather than just finding the midpoint of all the outliers.

It’s a nice suggestion:) However, this would mean a fair bit of work on our web app. And currently we’re lacking the resources to do that.

We’ll keep it in mind though and maybe some day in one form or another we’ll provide a service like that.

I’m really puzzled by the Center of minimum distance service. Doing that properly is a major resource drainer and rather falls into Vehicle Routing Problems, i.e. optimization. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but no way they did that properly;)

However, what you can do is suggest to them is to integrate our routing services instead of Google Maps. We don’t charge:)

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

Geomidpoint have a calculations page which describes how they do it. I’m afraid the mathematics is WAY beyond my capabilities.

I will make that suggestion. Thank you!

Nice one, thanks!

It’s a bit confusing for the Center of minimum distance algorithm. It states that they find the exact point that minimizes the total travel distance from all locations in 'Your Places', but also says that All distances are calculated using the spherical law of cosines given below.. Suggesting that they take the geographic rather than the road network distance. Which wouldn’t differ from the Geographic Midpoint.

If they actually do account for the travel distance, they’d need to make a metric to imperial shit ton of routing requests. Which might explain why they can’t afford Google anymore…

@icheyne can you recall how long it took to calculate that Center of minimum distance for 4-5 locations? I’d really be curious.

That sounds like a pretty proper optimization, so I’ll take back what I said earlier;) This really looks good actually, happy you pointed me to it. I think this could be very valuable for all sorts of applications.

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Glad you find this interesting. :grinning: It was a nice service.

The queries were quick. Maybe 1 second?

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