Feature request - heading value for round-trip

Hello team,

I have a feature request to make. The idea is to provide a heading value (in degrees) which will be used in the round trip feature to create the route towards a particular direction. This would be useful if a user wants to find routes away from the city’s direction or towards a hilly area.


Hi @abhiank,

feel free to open an issue for the feature request in the backen repo or directly contribute with a pull request.

Best regards

Hi @amandus,

I’ve just created an issue in the repo with the same text. I’ve never dug into the ORS code, but I’ll take time out this week and try to figure out if I can contribute towards this feature.



The seed parameter for roundtrips kind of does that thing already, but chooses a random bearing.
It shouldn’t be too difficult to integrate a similar thing :slight_smile: