Feature "avoid traffic lights" (primary for heavy vehicles)

As a driver of heavy vehicles (trucks mostly) it is often better to take a little longer route if it means I can avoid traffic lights. Traffic lights often mean repeated stop/start/stop/start which gives more fuel consumption and wear on the vehicle, and also takes longer time.

Every minute and fuel drop saved is worth the effort for a commercial driver. At present, there are no possibilities to avoid traffic lights, which makes the routes non optimal for heavy vehichles.


Add “traffic lights” under the “avoid features” section.


Hi @tomastomas,

setting it as avoidable would mean that you can not use roads with traffic lights at all. If I understood you correctly you want to minimize the usage of such roads and not avoid them completely.
This might be possible with e.g. a penalty for those roads but I’m not sure whether it is feasible within our live API.
Maybe open an issue in our backend repository and discuss it there.

Best regards

Correct, minimizing traffic lights is what I aim for. I didn’t understand that “avoid” meant “take a detour of 10x the lenght to avoid them at all cost” :slight_smile:

I thougt avoid just meant… don’t use these roads if there are other fairly equal alternatives without traffic lights.

I’ll open an issue in github.

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