Fastest route in Matrix API


I’m using the Matrix API to determine which city (among four tested cities) is the closest (in time) from a GPS point I want to test.

It works.

However, in analyzing the results I’ve realized that there are some gaps. The API will suggest one city as the closest, while a second is closer.

Here’s a simpler example:,-0.563344,47.05054,0.54892&b=0&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km
In this example, API suggests a journey that takes 1h45. However, there is a faster 12-minute route (,+49130/Nou%C3%A2tre). The difference may seem small, but in reality, the first nearest city according to the API, among the 4 cities I’m testing, is 1 hour 43 minutes away (which is true). So when I process the API result, I select a city which, in reality, is not the quickest to reach.

Is it possible to force the selection of the fastest route?

Thanks for your help


unfortunately there is no perfect way to estimate travel times. Therfore, google maps and openrouteservice differ in how they estimate the travel time. The route in your first link is the fastest route according to ORS. You can see this when routing from the point where ORS and Google differ: Openrouteservice Maps. By switching on and off Highways under “Avoid road types” you can see that the estimated travel time for the route via Avoine, Chinon, etc. is actually higher when estimated by ORS.

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OK thank you