Export GPX using Ors API fails

Since a week or so I cannot export a track as a GPX file using the Ors API. I get the folowing error in my browser console:

vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1 Error: Text data outside of root node.
Line: 0
Column: 15
Char: ]
at b (vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1)
at E (vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1)
at r.C [as write] (vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1)
at t.exports (vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1)
at scripts.446950ad8a59bc06.js:1
at processQueue (vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1)
at vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1
at Scope.$eval (vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1)
at Scope.$digest (vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1)
at Scope.$apply (vendor.e733cc043e52aaf8.js:1)

Exporting using the togpx is working fine. Could this be fixed?

Best regards, Mike

Hi @epistrophy42,

I confirmed the problem. This is happening because of the switch to the new V2 directions endpoint.

I created an issue where you can track the progress.

It will be fixed soon.

Best regards