Exceeds the limit of visited nodes

Please can you advise how I can solve the ‘unable to compute a distance/duration matrix: Search exceeds the limit of visited nodes’. I have seen this in a thread previously but have never seen a solution to this. I think that the maximum number of visited nodes can be increased but I am struggling to find out how to do this. Please can you advise

many thanks

In order to protect the servers of resource exhaustion, they are configured to limit the number of graph nodes that may be visited during a path search. On the public API these numbers are quite high and should normally not be reached. If you have a large matrix and/or long distances, however, the limits might be exceeded. To work around this limitation, you might split up your matrix in several smaller ones.

Many thanks for your response. Are you able to confirm what constitutes a ‘large matrix’ just for future use. I think I had roughly 650 journeys and the vast majority of them were less than 15 miles.

Many thanks

This doesn’t sound too much. Other reasons for having to visit many nodes could be

  • a dense street network like in a large city
  • restrictions that causes falling back to a less efficient algorithm