Errors on Openroute Service API - 21/02/2024 to 22/02/2024

We experienced a signifiant spike in errors on the Openroute Service API from the evening of 21/02/2024 to the morning of 22/02/2024 on our application. I have attached a screenshot from our account.

We use the GeocodeSearch and Matrix V2 post requests to generate the distance between two addresses. Our connection to the API started returning an error status for most requests on the evening of 21/02/2024 and this continued into the morning of 22/02/2024. We had quota left for both GeocodeSearch and Matrix V2 so we do not know why the API started returning errors. The only way that we were able to resolve this yesterday was to create a new account and use a new API key.

Please can you advise what caused the errors and how to resolve it?


we had a small hiccup in our load balancers, which caused the car profile (and subsequently, matrix requests with the car profile) to be out of order.

They have been resolved somewhere around noon on the 22nd.

Creating a new account should not have been necessary - please one of them, as only one account per person is allowed.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Best regards

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Hello Jakob,

Thank you very much for your reply and letting us know what happened. I will test the original account and make sure that we only use this one account for our application going forward.

Many thanks again!

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