Error:3099,Unable to build an isochrone map

Hi @adam @nils. I’m sorry to bother you.
We use docker to establish our elevation and graph environment, and we start to run the code when we get the “ready” information. When we use the docker to caculate the isochrones of Mexico, there is a error that means unable to build an isochrones, whose code is 3099.(Shown in the following picture)

However, these locations, for example [-99.55233,19.0834],[-97.595971,19.090286], are all in the realm of Mexico. Besides, we put these points and the Mexico pbf data into the QGis and find they are all in the right position.
Therefore, we do not understand what caused this problem: unable to build isochrones.

Hi @Fefe111,

are you using ors version 5.0.1 on purpose?
Your python script might not be compatible with that version (e.g. if you are using the latest openrouteservice-py package)

isochrones can be built for these locations, see:,-99.143028&b=2&i=1&j1=1&j2=1&k1=en-US&k2=km

so it should be either an issue with your backend (ors not building on your mexico data)
or in the way you do the requests.

Best regards