Enable isochrones in vaccination centers view

First of all, thanks for your effort to incorporate the Corona vaccination centers into openrouteservice.

One improvement would be to include isochrones view, in order to help select the nearest center (in time) to apply for an appointment.
For now, I toggled between a tab with maps.openrouteservice.org (for isochrones) and impfzentrum.openrouteservice.org (for the veccination centers) – not too bad, but why not combine it? :slight_smile:


@amoncaldas ?

Hey @orzechow and @HendrikLeuschner

The thing is that currently there is no service that returns the nearest vaccination center (routed) considering some administrative restrictions, like no federal state crossing and progressive search by administrative level (first try the county, then the region, then the state). The ORS POI service does not support this and therefore we are calculating the “nearest” center (considering the administrative restrictions) in the webapp (front-end), with a custom code.

To have the feature you suggested, we would need a service supporting the isochrones calculation based on the location of POIs of a certain categories and respecting the restrictions I mentioned.

Hi @amoncaldas

thanks for the quick reply!

I think, I wasn’t clear about the intended functionality of the vaccine map (planning a route to the nearest vaccine center) as well as didn’t explain my suggestion well:

So, for those that consider checking multiple nearby vaccine centers to get an appointment (with services like impfterminübersicht.de), it would be helpful to not only see the distance, but actual travel time to potential centers. That’s were isochrones come in handy – and could be provided as a simple layer, additionally to the routing service.

Say, you’re around HeiGIT and are willing to travel 30min by car to a vaccination center, these would be your options to look for open appointments (range 30min, interval 10min):

Hope that explains the idea :wink:

Hey @orzechow
Ok, now I got your idea. The thing is that this vaccine app was designed to be single-task oriented, simple and easy to use, including to elderly people (hopefully). That is why anything that was considered “unnecessary” to find a vaccine center was disabled.

I totally agree that your suggestion is very useful, but I guess the target public would be very specific and probably limited. This is an interesting discussion: keep it simple, focused, or have several features and “advanced” options. Maybe a combination of both would be the best. For many users lots of options may be be a problem. As this app was designed to be have a very specific focus, we decided to go with the “keep it simple” option. Not only the isochrones feature was disabled, but several other features.

Best regards,

Alright, totally makes sense!

On the other hand the vaccine locations would be too specific to add to maps.openrouteservice.org I guess?