En-route coordinates (e.g. every 10km along a given route)

Hello, is there an elegant way to have the ORS API return a list of coordinates along a given route based on either time or distance travelled?

Example: For the route from Stuttgart to Berlin, what are the coordinates for points en route every 10km?

I’m thinking of pairing these coordinates with other information like ground temperature & weather forecast. I can imagine that one way to approach it would be isochrones, but this will probably get a bit messy.

Thank you for your support!

Best, Thomas

I may have found an answer myself: I am currently looking into working with the coordinates in the geojson object’s geometry / coordinates output, using distance and duration to approximate the intervals.

Any guidance, however, is still more than welcome.



there is no super straight forward way - you’ll have to sum up distances between pairwise adjacent points along your path until you reach 10 km.

You can probably speed this up by adding distances of the segments until the next segment would cross the 10km-barrier, and only then delve into the coordinates themselves.

Best regards