Elevation Service and status.openrouteservice.org

Is possible to know what line of status.openrouteservice.org is concerned for elevation please ?

And … what is HGV service ?


There is no service only responsible for elevation, but all elevation data is linked to its respective profile. Thus, if you’re looking for elevation on a car route, you should look at Profile - Car, if you’re trying a mountainbike route, look for Profile - Mountain Bike.

HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle.

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??? “https://api.openrouteservice.org/elevation/line” is undependant from a profile not ?
I mean : elevation of a point do not depend from the way you go to this point ! Or am I false ??


yes, you’re of course right - I totally forget that this endpoint exists every now and then :sweat_smile:
Sorry for that :frowning:

Currently, there is no status available for the elevation endpoint (and none for the optimization endpoint either).
This will probably be added at some point in the future

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Ok … thanks. I’ll wait for it. Till that moment, I do a request with it (a post request) and I test the result and the http respond. (sorry for my english spoken … I’m french ! Nobody’s perfect :smiley: )

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