Dramatic loss in performance when upgrading to 7.1

For context, due to a maven error on deployement breaking my docker stack running ors 6.7 I upgraded everything to 7.1.

Queries are now much longer, matrices that took a second now require several minutes. And I had to significantly increase the maximum_visited_nodes in ors-config to run those. I have 30G of ram allocated of java heap space.

Could you help me diagnose & fix this ? the logs don’t show anything.

Hi @vchalmel,

we are aware of a performance loss with Isochrones, which should be better with the 7.1.1 version.

If there is still a major issue with matrix, please open an issue with detailed description. (best include the query that was faster with 6.7 and is now slow)

Best regards

Thanks @amandus I will create the issue on github.
nonetheless, my colleague tried it on the public API and it answers with no delay so there seems to be someting fishy with mine…

Hmm, yep that sounds strange because the live API also still runs on 7.1.0.

Computation time of course can vary depending on your system resources and the instance you are running (global vs. small area, 1 vs multiple profiles, etc.) but from 1sec to 2 min sounds strange.

Best provide your config and logs as well in the issue, if you didn’t already.

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Weirdest part is that we see almost the same time (3 to 4 minutes) with both small (10 points) matrices and large ones with dozens to hundreds of points.

Hi @amandus
Also weird is the fact that with the exact same docker configuration, v6.7 ran just fine. Response times where close to the ones on the public API.
This somehow rules out the “system resources” and areas/profile options, as we did not change those while upgrading.
We did rebuild the graphs though, but the source pbf and graph configuration is the same as before (I believe, @vchalmel can confirm this).

Yes, It is a merge of more recent osm files but covers the same areas of western Europe.

Hi @amandus
Would it be possible to share the live API config ? We could then easily find obvious differences between both instances.
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Hi @amandus
Do you have any update on this issue ? Matrix is barely usable as-is so we are falling back to the public API, but it is not a sustainable solution.
Thanks, and best wishes for 2024 !