Downgrade ORS to v6.8.0 error


I currently have an instance of Openrouteservice (latest) installed on docker desktop. I want to downgrade ORS version from latest to 6.8.0. For that I changed the parameter “image” in the docker-compose.yml file from “openrouteservice/openrouteservice:latest” to “openrouteservice/openrouteservice:v6.8.0”. Then I reexecute the following command line in a cmd “docker compose up”. But unfortunately I cannot rebuild the Docker image successfully. I get the following error (see attachment).

Could you tell me if I am proceeding in the right way to downgrade to version 6.8.0? And if not, what is the method to do it successfully?

OS Version: Windows 10 - 22H2 Version - Build: 19045.3448

A big thank you for your help !

docker-compose.yml File:

ORS Log: