Doubt regarding a particular route showing on OSM but not on ORS


A user of my app recently reported that a route between these two points is not working. On further investigation I found that it works on OpenStreetMaps (for both graphhopper and OSRM). However its not working on ORS.

Route on ORS -

Same Route on OSM -

My doubts regarding this are -

  1. Is it an error in the routing engine?
  2. Is the latest OSM data not been updated on ORS because of which this might be happening?
  3. How often is OSM data updated on ORS?


Yeah, you can see on OSM that it’s only been added 1 month ago. However, we’re currently having severe resource constraints and couldn’t update the data in more than a month. This will be fixed in the next couple of weeks.

Oh awesome! Thanks for the update @nils.

I am still seeing this behavior in routes that have worked in OSM for a number of months still are not working in ORS.

Is there a way to tell what the supported DB date from OSM is?

Check out the info section in the JSON API response. It has a build timestamp. Graphs have been updated now.