Documentation improvements

First I want to thank you for this great project! It is very nice that this solution is available to anybody.

I’d like to know if it is possible to improve the documentation on using openrouteservice on a docker host. I was struggling with it because the configuration to use (ors-config.json) is not working out of the box. Also the docker instructions and docker-compose to use is unclear and also not working out the box. It would be great if you have something in place that helps people running their selected (Geofabrik) osm out of the box.

I am considering writing a tutorial for my own website. However, I’ll be happy to write improved documentation for you (to do something in return for this great project).

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yeah, that’s very well possible and would be awesome :slight_smile:
Our backend documentation lives with our code here in the docs folder.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on here or create an issue.
If you start a pull request on your fork, it’d be great if you could allow maintainers to push to it.

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Is it not possible to send a pull request directly? In the meantime I have written a blog post about setting up a working environment with docker-compose. Set up a route direction service with Open Street Map |


no - as is common, there’s a limited set of people with write access to the repository.
Thus, as the github workflow suggests, you’ll have to fork the repo, push to a branch on there and then open a pull request.

That shouldn’t be that much overhead - mainly three, four clicks and cloning a different repo :slight_smile:

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