Disable winter restriction?

Hi Guys.

During these days I’m trying to use ORS to plan a motorcycle trip for summer 2019. Italy, Austria,Slovenia. But I cannot do it NOW because some mountain passes now are closed (it’s winter = snow) and for ORS they are not viable ruotes.
Do I need wait spring or summer for making the plan ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Seriously, there is a way for DISABLE winter restriction ?
Thank you.

(also can be interesting a way to disable “time restriction” applied on some road)

Hi @ambrosa ,

thank you for your enquiry and sorry about this.

The network is based on an OpenStreetMap snapshot (usually about 1-2 weeks old) which is why many roads exposed to winterly conditions are currently “closed”. We are currently working on this feature which is planned to be released within the next 6-12 months.

Cheers, Tim

Hi all.
1rst: thanks for the great work you are doing.

The main problem with winter restriction is we can’t prepare a trip for the summer coming, but also that many passes are officially and actually open today, and since some days, but not yet on openrouteservice…
some examples:
Izoard pass (French Alps: France/France)
Lombarde pass (Alps France/Italy)


thanks for your feedback! We are well aware of this shortcoming. In fact, this is one of the upcoming features we are currently working on, see the blogpost.


I am really sorry to say that i have to turn back on Google maps… the main part of the passes in the Alps are now open and there is no way to prepare a travel in the Alps with ORS:
I begin planning my travel on ORS, then i have to stop cause the road is falsely not available, then i complete on Google maps, then i turn back on ORS… So I will let down Openrouteservice for the moment and come back with a great pleasure when it will be usable.
And when it will be fully available, i mean for the roads in the Alps, it will be great to use it!
I wish you the best :slight_smile:

Hi Tim,
wasn’t there a similar request in 2017 (old Googlegroups forum) and the same promise to add a feature in api for this really annoying problem?
Would be very nice to finally ignore closed roads.
Thanks and cheers :wink:

Ignoring closed roads would be highly dangerous.

But in the future you’ll be able to set time restrictions in ORS, which will take care of this. It’s a funded project, together with GraphHopper, and it’ll be finished by the end of 2019.

Depends on what you want to plan!
Planning any bike-tour in the alps (or any other mountains) actually cant be done in 8 of 12 month.
Lots of ppl are planning in winter and spring, in summer whey want to ride their planned tour. So they have to use other services than ORS.
( I’ve never heard that someone died, cause he planned a bike tour in the alps using komoot :wink: )

Maybe a different color could be used for the closed roads…
And at least the roads which have been open should be available for planning a trip…

At the end of june the passes open since weeks and even 2 months are still closed on ORS. Really this is not serious… or maybe it is a beta realease, so tell it is…
Ignoring open roads makes this project non trustable so useless…

I think the underlying OSM maps which are used for the route calculation have not been updated for a while by ORS.

Hi, I am resurrecting this thread/issue as it is my exact problem whilst sitting here in the heat of Brisbane Australia trying to plan my 3 month Europe trip scheduled for Jul-Aug-Sept 2022

Has this issue been resolved? I have searched but come up empty handed so far
If not…
Would it be a possible work around when planning a route, to add another input box for date or even month?
Directions: Date/Month of trip, Geo From, Geo To.

This would obviously need to search for most recent mapfiles that fall within that month.

Hi @Greg ,

thanks for reaching out! In the current implementation road closures are resolved each time the map data is being updated which happens every 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately, the feature of disabling temporal road closures hasn’t been integrated into openrouteservice public API yet. The reason for it is that when working on this feature some additional technical challenges came up which were not possible to address within the limited time frame of the original project mentioned in the discussion above. For the time being the follow-up project of enabling time-dependent routing is on hold for at least a few more months because of other higher priority features which are being currently worked on. However, as you mentioned Europe as your area of interest you might want to check out the demo server linked in the blogpost.


The below link is from ORS that traverses a short section of road that I have been expecting to open up after the Winter for considerable time now but still it will not allow passage

However, Open Street Map does allow this (see link below)

I thought that ORS was utilising OSM data and that it should allow navigation.

Can you please comment regarding this issue

P.S this is also in other locations

Regards, Greg

Hi @Greg,

thanks for your feedback. It happens so that the routing graphs were rebuild on May 30th when the winter closure was still in place. This should resolve itself over the next few days, see our update policy.

The graph build date is part of the geoJSON response which can viewed e.g. through Developer Tools in the web browser. Unfortunately, there seem to be a bug so this date is currently included only if the query was successful .


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The restriction was lifted in the routing graphs that were deployed this morning


Thanks Adam, however, I can only assume there is other reasons for other sections just a little distance away

I will just keep checking incase it sorts itself out

There is a road there which is closed until the end of june, so that will be in the routing early to mid july