Disable winter restriction?


Hi Guys.

During these days I’m trying to use ORS to plan a motorcycle trip for summer 2019. Italy, Austria,Slovenia. But I cannot do it NOW because some mountain passes now are closed (it’s winter = snow) and for ORS they are not viable ruotes.
Do I need wait spring or summer for making the plan ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Seriously, there is a way for DISABLE winter restriction ?
Thank you.

(also can be interesting a way to disable “time restriction” applied on some road)


Hi @ambrosa ,

thank you for your enquiry and sorry about this.

The network is based on an OpenStreetMap snapshot (usually about 1-2 weeks old) which is why many roads exposed to winterly conditions are currently “closed”. We are currently working on this feature which is planned to be released within the next 6-12 months.

Cheers, Tim


Hi all.
1rst: thanks for the great work you are doing.

The main problem with winter restriction is we can’t prepare a trip for the summer coming, but also that many passes are officially and actually open today, and since some days, but not yet on openrouteservice…
some examples:
Izoard pass (French Alps: France/France)
Lombarde pass (Alps France/Italy)



thanks for your feedback! We are well aware of this shortcoming. In fact, this is one of the upcoming features we are currently working on, see the blogpost.



I am really sorry to say that i have to turn back on Google maps… the main part of the passes in the Alps are now open and there is no way to prepare a travel in the Alps with ORS:
I begin planning my travel on ORS, then i have to stop cause the road is falsely not available, then i complete on Google maps, then i turn back on ORS… So I will let down Openrouteservice for the moment and come back with a great pleasure when it will be usable.
And when it will be fully available, i mean for the roads in the Alps, it will be great to use it!
I wish you the best :slight_smile:


Hi Tim,
wasn’t there a similar request in 2017 (old Googlegroups forum) and the same promise to add a feature in api for this really annoying problem?
Would be very nice to finally ignore closed roads.
Thanks and cheers :wink:


Ignoring closed roads would be highly dangerous.

But in the future you’ll be able to set time restrictions in ORS, which will take care of this. It’s a funded project, together with GraphHopper, and it’ll be finished by the end of 2019.


Depends on what you want to plan!
Planning any bike-tour in the alps (or any other mountains) actually cant be done in 8 of 12 month.
Lots of ppl are planning in winter and spring, in summer whey want to ride their planned tour. So they have to use other services than ORS.
( I’ve never heard that someone died, cause he planned a bike tour in the alps using komoot :wink: )


Maybe a different color could be used for the closed roads…
And at least the roads which have been open should be available for planning a trip…


At the end of june the passes open since weeks and even 2 months are still closed on ORS. Really this is not serious… or maybe it is a beta realease, so tell it is…
Ignoring open roads makes this project non trustable so useless…


I think the underlying OSM maps which are used for the route calculation have not been updated for a while by ORS.