Directions with custom OSM tags

Thanks for you awesome service!

I’m designing a hiking app which uses the Hungarian national hiking trails and I would love to use your directions API. The standard “foot-hiking” profile is not suitable, because our hiking trails are historically identified with a custom OSM tag → jel="*"
Here is the wiki page for that tag:

Is there a way in your api to add a bias towards specific OSM tags using directions? My guess that’s the only way for my case to include the hiking trails in the route planner.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @RolandMostoha,

that’s a rather country specific tag, with not much usage outside of hungary.
You could convert the tags (or just add tag) to a more international classification using sac_scale (check out tag info on usage amount and distribution on the map).
Please also take a look at the tag filtering for the hiking profile.
It might be the ways you are talking about are just missing some other essential tag.

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Hey @amandus, thanks for your response.

Yes, unfortunately it is a country specific tag, and I don’t know why but our OSM editors have always used this since the beginning of Hungarian OSM records. Sadly, all of our hiking trails (3000+) are marked by this and not sac_scale or other international classification:

I’m not able to update all of these OSM records, because I’m not an editor and it may cause inconsistency with other services across Hungary.

My idea is to use this tag as a bias for the route planner.
Example: tag=“X”, bias: 0-100

  • 0 means: avoid routes with tag=“X”
  • 100 means: use routes only with TAG=“X”

Using this feature I can set the bias=100 for the tag=“jel” and I get directions that are using only Hungarian hiking routes.

Do you think this can be implemented or can I use sg with similar results?


Just a clarification:

The Hungarian hiking routes in OSM can be identified by the tag:

  • route=hiking
  • jel=*

So the solution would be to use any of them in the hiking directions planner.

My question is, can I use your cloud api in some way to include any of these tags or should I change the source code and host openrouteservice privately?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @RolandMostoha,

in the current state you can’t do that with our live API.
Yes, you can make changes to the source code and host your own instance.
But you can also suggest to make these changes in the live API if it makes sense to include those.
Best discuss this in an issue in our backend repository (and link to this topic).

And feel free to open a PR if you are implementing the changes yourself.

Best regards