Directions seems to produce wrong results


I tried several routes using the client map, the directions API and the Optimization API and it seems that in several cases we have a strange output. Even if there is a direct straightforward main road connecting 2 points, the suggested route leaves the main road and follows another path with turns into smaller roads. Here is an example:

Is this correct? How I can avoid it?

Hi @mkalath,

Could you please also provide the link to the route?

Sure. The link is OpenRouteService route planner - directions, isochrones and places

Hmm this seems really strange.
I checked the OSM data on the ways, but there are no restrictions on the way that should produce that route.

Maybe open a bug report in the backend repository including this link as well as other examples you have for the same issue.

Please describe it thoroughly and also link to this topic :wink:
Best regards