Directions not taking into account continue_straight for driving-hgv

I’m setting up a route for a driving-hgv through the city of The Hague, Netherlands. I use the following settings:

coordinates = [[4.35658602586403,52.06891305948028],[4.33123418082806,52.06760401674367]]
route = client.directions(coordinates=coordinates,

The continue straight is not taken into account on a couple of instances. Is there an option I missed so it should work? I tried to change it into the following, and that doesn’t work neither:

continue_straight = True
optimized = False

This is the given road and as you can see it’s making a u-turn in the last part. The second pictures is where the u-turn has to be made and this is not preferable for a truck.


if I understand correctly, how this is mapped in OSM leads to the route not making a u-turn, but making two left turns in succession.
If this is the case, that would be a mapping problem of the ors, where the big road that is actually one road is mapped as two roads instead.

Maybe @andrzej has a different view on this or can confirm my understanding?

Hi @jschnell,

I looked at the OSM data and this is the map of the intersection. Could this be the problem?

yeah, that’s what I think is going on here.
There are just two left turns, since the road seems to be mapped as two one-way roads.

Best regards