Direction service lost with 'cycling-road' and 'foot-hiking' profiles

Hi everybody,
Everything was fine a few days ago, it has worked perfectly for many years.
But, I lost the service (403 response) for the direction requests with the profile ‘cycling-road’ and ‘foot-hiking’. From my web app Vos topos voyage nature and from the Playground tool Dashboard | ORS
All other profiles work fine… Something changed ?
My token is pretty old, could it be the problem ? But if I change it, I will have to wait 24h before create a new one (OpenRouteService policy)
Thanks for your help

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I also encounter this problem. Please help this issue.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Oliv05 and @kf99916,

It’s not a problem with your tokens.
For the API status please check

We are working on the issue and will notice you once it’s working again.

Best regards

Should be back up now.


Perfect, thank’s a lot !

Thanks so much! :smiley: