Direct link for DuckDuckGo Bang

DuckDuckGo has wonderful “bangs” to facilitate searches directly on 3rd-party sites. I am trying to add a “bang” for ORS, such that if I enter “!oroute Wellington”, I am taken directly to the OSR site with “Wellington” filled in as destination. For this to work, I need a URL I can use, which takes the search term in the query string. I cannot figure it out. Does a URL like “” exist?

Hi @madduck,
this is not possible with the classic client ( It only takes into account the actual latitude and longitude of start and end places and geocodes them internally to display them.

So you could maybe do something like !oroute (lat,long of Wellington).

It is possible to integrate this in our new client (
Currently it doesn’t support inputing as destination, but searching e.g.:,0
The last part is the point (lat,lng) the search is focused from.

Feel free to open an issue in the ors-map-client repo for this.

Best regards

Thanks, I’ve submitted the bang, using the URL with @0,0, as you suggested.

Actually in the new client it is possible to input a destination (a selected/single place is by default the destination).

An example is:,-41.287996/data/{layer:locality,country:New%20Zealand,zoom:9}