Different payload response

Hi all,

I have an issue: when I make a call for the geocode service (https://api.openrouteservice.org/geocode/search?api_key=....&text=

If I make this call from postman or the web browser, I get a correct response with all the data inside. If I perform the SAME call (I checked more time and the url is the same) from the backend of my application (Spring Boot), I get a correct 200 code answer BUT the payload I get is without any data in the features[] array (the array is empty), therefore I don’t have the data I’m looking for.

Why is this happening ? I can’t understand the reason…

I leave here the answer I get using Spring Boot:

  "geocoding": {
    "version": "0.2",
    "attribution": "https://openrouteservice.org/terms-of-service/#attribution-geocode",
    "query": {
      "text": "VIA%20ASPROMONTE%2043,%2004100%20Latina,%20Italia",
      "size": 10,
      "layers": [
      "private": false,
      "boundary.country": [
      "lang": {
        "name": "English",
        "iso6391": "en",
        "iso6393": "eng",
        "via": "default",
        "defaulted": true
      "querySize": 20,
      "parser": "pelias",
      "parsed_text": {
        "subject": "VIA%20ASPROMONTE%2043",
        "admin": "%2004100%20Latina, %20Italia"
    "warnings": [
      "performance optimization: excluding 'address' layer"
    "engine": {
      "name": "Pelias",
      "author": "Mapzen",
      "version": "1.0"
    "timestamp": 1684426331754
  "type": "FeatureCollection",
  "features": []

Hi @allegiaco

Was that the full text you provided in the other query as well?
Maybe the call from your app does some string encoding.
Probably try to pass VIA ASPROMONTE 43, 04100 Latina, Italia without the encoding, which does provide an address.