Designer trying to understand and find a solution

I am creating a WordPress site that let users:

  • Create ads: each user has a spanish postal code on profile page that gives location to all his ads

  • Search ads: users can enter a postal code to filter results by distance from that input postal code to ad’s postal code. Showing near ones first

I have a database with latitude/longitude for each postal code, and my project do not have big economy, so I am afraid of having good results and die because route costs.

I am the founder and designer, without backend programmer yet, so I don’t understand good the documentation, sorry about that,

I need to know what free options I can choose to provide that service, forgeting about number of distance requests

Thanks for your time,


Hi @rocawabe,

not sure why you require a routing service… You can just take the as-the-crow-flies distance, proper routing seems redundant for your use case.

Unless I didn’t quite understand the use case.

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Hi @nils,
thanks for your response. I am new into this distance location world. Do know any documentation to follow?

e.g. Google

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any keywords to get deeper?

I think you’ll have to dig in a bit yourself. It’s basics: great circle distance or plain euclidean distance.

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Thanks @nils! I would do it. — Have a nice day!