Description of round_trip feature

Is there a way of getting more details of how the round_trip algorithm works at the back end?

The descriptions in the API playground are quite vague, and I’d like to know more details.

I suppose that one option is to go straight to the java source code, but I’m guessing this will involve going through very many java files.

Are there any other resources that are available?


it’s actually not that much java code - if you know where to look :wink:

The basic idea is that a number of points (controlled by parameter points) are generated in a “circle” from the starting point towards a random direction (controlled by parameter seed) that are roughly 1/points*length meters apart, such that the total tour will have roughly length length.

If you need more info, I can point you to the specific parts in the code :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jschnell, that’s really helpful. Yes, I’d be glad for you to direct me to the correct java code.


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the code that is responsible for the random point generation is the lookup-function here and the generateValidPoint-function after it.

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