> Deprecation of the app.config file - Docker users: read this pls<

Dear ors users,

This is a heads up for users running their own ors instance.

We will be switching from app.config to ors-config.json soon.

The following changes are live on the current master branch and the official openrouteservice image on dockerhub.
They will be included in the next release.

We have deprecated

What? Deprecated name New name
File app.config ors-config.json
system property ors_app_config ors_config
environment variable ORS_APP_CONFIG ORS_CONFIG

If you are using the deprecated names they will still work after the release, but you should be getting a
It is recommended to switch to the new ones ASAP.

For Docker users:

The above changes should be considered automatically for you.

If you are using the latest official docker image make sure to rename your used app.config to ors-config.json or switch to the image of the last release.

If you should be using a custom docker-compose.yml make sure you switch from the
APP_CONFIG build argument to ORS_CONFIG which is already live with this change.

For information on which ors config is used, look out for the
### openrouteservice configuration ### line in your logs.

If you run into any trouble keep us posted here.

Happy routing!