Data sources for "prefer green / quiet areas"

Hello there,
Could I ask, what data are you using for the pedestrian options “prefer green areas” + “prefer quiet areas”?
And how do you weigh them?
I’m trying to do something similar for a uni project, so am curious.
Many thanks.

Hi @exasanovi

the data we use for the green and quiet routing was developed as part of some work at the University of Heidelberg. Information about it can be found in the following open access paper:

A System for Generating Customized Pleasant Pedestrian Routes Based on OpenStreetMap Data


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Hi @exasanovi,

we’re actually working on improving and extending the ORS green/quiet routing at the moment. So if you’re interested in contributing to ORS, using it to develop a new prototype based on your idea, etc. , then let us know and we can talk about potential cooperations.


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