Cycling route not going through cycleway

Hi, I’ve created this route with the cycling-regular routing option -,Quebec,QC,Canada/1050%20Rue%20Raymond-Casgrain,Quebec,QC,Canada/data/55,130,32,198,15,97,4,224,38,9,96,59,2,24,5,192,166,6,113,0,184,64,90,1,216,4,96,14,128,38,0,89,8,13,146,227,44,124,128,24,111,32,86,0,105,41,180,194,4,231,104,80,128,102,0,28,228,72,246,30,192,55,17,50,84,68,240,230,221,141,98,204,184,243,239,192,123,118,228,71,246,32,35,123,16,156,64,64,0,234,158,4,68,216,114,128,5,229,0,45,174,98,98,172,222,129,0,6,111,0,3,110,139,142,0,9,230,2,20,128,14,111,141,14,135,16,10,226,28,141,9,98,15,238,136,30,132,152,134,14,23,132,153,1,225,238,136,139,14,139,2,0,11,231,84,0

However, it is going around a road which is marked as cycleway=lane. This is the road - Way: ‪Rue Raymond-Casgrain‬ (‪156810891‬) | OpenStreetMap

Why is it going around that road?



the road in question is a one-way road.
It’s going against the one-way road’s direction and thus avoids it.

If you switch start and end point, you’ll see that the road is getting used.

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I see. I guess the cycleway direction is marked incorrectly because as I’m seeing on StreetView, the cycle way goes both ways.

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A quick question about OSM - can a road be marked oneway=yes for cars but not for cycling?

Answer to my own question for posterity - It is possible to mark a road as one way by default but for cycling, both ways. The tags to be used are

oneway	yes
oneway:bicycle	no
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