Custom/dynamic embed code for own website

Hey folks,

I hope, that’s the proper category for this.

I tested your VueJS Maps in beta and tried to get the embed code working but there are some weird things happening (I know, it’s still in beta): Whenever I try to embed a route with a starting place and a destination, the embed code only shows a round trip from the starting point back to the starting point.

Second, I wanted to dynamically create the link since I have a couple of routes in my project and don’t want to manually create the code on the website for each route. I saw, that for places you include latitude and longitude in your embed code. So is there a way to create an embed code consisting of two or more latitude/longitude combinations which make a route?

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Hi @shaedrich,

could you add an issue in the github repo for this, and include proper examples

As far as i know the locations are resolved to text in the link. You could try replacing them with the coordinates. Maybe @amoncaldas can give you more info on this

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