Csv files to contribute

I am running ORS locally, and i configured it to use my own .pbf file, although the question is if i should contribute the files:

Hi @Hamza_Masri ,

I am not sure whether I understand your question correctly. Do you want to contribute your csv files to ORS, or do you want to know whether you need these files for your local instance?


Hi Sascha, Thanks a lot for your answer.

I need to contribute them to my ORS; i am running ORS locally and used my own .pbf file (not heidenberg), the ORS on github and all the configurations are done for heidenberg and i have to do it to another city (Rostock), so i changed the .pbf file to rostock and it worked but i need to contribute the other files too.

Sorry for my english

O.K. The files you mentioned are only necessary for very specific (experimental) features. If you do not use these features, you don’t need these files. E.g., the files with “green” in their name are only needed for green routing, those with “noise” only for “silent” routing.